Sunday, 17 February 2013

Memory in Pictures

Since the best of British is now midweek my "day off" polish has gone!  So instead I am going to use Sundays to have a nail related post but not about what I am wearing! Anyone not interested in words can skim by these posts: I can be guilty of sometimes just looking at pictures and not actually reading, so if you too are guilty then we're two of a kind! I recall a blogger once posting in the very end of swatches and words that she was giving a polish away and to enter by leaving a comment, I only saw when she announced the winner *blushes*

Today is a picture history of my nail shape changing.

During November I started to change my teeny oval nail shape into a squarer shape.  I love to flick through the web album my blog pictures are stored in and see how this shape change evolved! It also shows just how quick they grow. Here's a few dates I remember and some photos.

Coming back from holiday on 3/11/12 I broke a nail sitting in the car. I was doing nothing yet my right ring finger got a bad, low break. This picture of a-england Elaine was taken the next day. Stubby little ovals. 

Just a few days later was No H8 day on 8/11/12, this purple gradient seemed to elongate the stubby nails.

17/11/12 sees a squarer shape starting to emerge. It is also the first time I tried a fan brush.

By 24/11/12 the nubs have grown a lot, especially the ring finger.

By 1/12/12 I have a free edge on my nail!  This was the first picture which inspired me to try a set of three regular pictures on my blog, a bottle shot, a full hand shot and to the side shot.

Fast forward to 27/12/12 my nails are now a length that they are hindering my ability to type. This was the day I chopped them down.  I only have very short nail beds so at this length my nails were nearly talons!

Here are the new nubbins for New Year's Eve.

Then just a month later they got to the point that I had to trim them again.

The length and shape they are now is what I think works best for me.  The squarer shape seems to suit my fingers better and the length is right for my lifestyle but not too short (although for many these would seem to be absolute nubbins, for me and my short nail bed this is quite long!)

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