Saturday, 9 February 2013

Microbead mani

I had to nubb my nails again as they were getting a bit too long for me to do normal things - like typing!

This mani uses my micro beads from Christmas.  I've only ever used something like this once - briefly - for my "texture" day of the 31day challenge.

As someone who likes a smooth finish on my nails this mani may not last long either!

I used two colours for this both OPIs: Purple with a Purpose and Suzi Says Feng Shui.  I used SSFS as my base for the beads and to dot the other nails.

microbead mani

microbead mani

microbead mani

The beads managed to last from when I applied them in the evening until the following lunch time, which is more than I imagined it would - I'm terrible if there is a loose edge I will pick at it.  By lunch time a loose edge had come up and they were off!


  1. Aw I really love this. I haven't tried the micro bead manicure yet. I'm too afraid I'll have them popping off all day long.

    1. There was no popping, Seche made them peel off in one sheet!


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