Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mint choc skittlette / British Bloggers Link Up

This is a mani I did a while ago but haven't posted as the 31 Day Challenge has been happening.  In fact I know I did this on Jan 3rd (having already done the first 30 days by this time, this is the reason I didn't have many Christmas posts!) Jan 3rd was also the day Sammy at Nailasaurus posted this post "Something Sweet" showing a soft brown and blue. 

I'd just done this mani when I saw Sammy's post on my feeds!  I was so jealous of how well her gradient came out as my gradient nail failed in this pairing with a Tiffany-esque green (more about this after the pictures!)  I've paired brown with bright blue and also with lilac during December, both of which I posted during the 31DC.  

For my skittlette I intended to have 3 dotted nails, one gradient and one mint green with glitter.  My choice of polishes were OPI Wooden-Shoe Like to Know? and Color Club New Bohemian.  I used OPI Pirouette My Whistle as my glitter.

The gradient was meant to be on my ring finger, but it looked terrible so I removed it.  My next choice was to have a brown base with glitter to pair yet contrast my little finger.  Three attempts later I gave up - my polish kept going lumpy, I think the self levelling nature of some of these polishes and my hand being to the side slightly meant it levelled the wrong way!  Even on the final picture I can pick out wrinkles on the ring finger where the Seche was misbehaving in a similar way!

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