Friday, 22 February 2013

My first recycled nails post...

I liked the nails I posted yesterday that - after two days - when I had some minimal tipwear I was trying to think of ways to recycle them.  I made a small new year's resolution to try to do this more often, but generally I prefer a clean slate.

I recently mentioned some nail guides I got from e-Bay.  For the recycling I took the deep curvy V shape and placed it slightly off centre more as a right angle on each nail and filled the tip in using Ozotic 526.  On my ring fingers I painted over the studs with a full nail of 526 as I was feeling so lazy!

I topped the whole nails with China Glaze Fairy Dust, apart from my ring fingers which I used OPI Servin Up Sparkle, topped with Seche and this is job done.  I'll hopefully get around to doing my nails properly after a day of this one!

This isn't my most inspired combination, but I'll defintely be using these guides to recycle and hide tip wear.

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