Sunday, 24 February 2013


Today my topic is my usual subject: my nails (how I care for them and some general ramblings!)

Many people who read my blog will have heard that I broke the middle finger on my left hand last year.  For those who didn't know: a computer monitor fell onto my hand and crushed the tip of the finger, there was massive bruising and my finger resembled a ripe plum.  The nail had some awful bruising, the nail bed and cuticle took the full impact.  As my nail grew I spotted a hole in the nail which must have been caused by the break.  This hole took around 4 months to grow out from base to tip.  I am lucky that my nails grow like weeds.  

The nails on my thumb, index and middle fingers are prone to peeling (my main grabby, grippy fingers, I guess) so I have to keep an eye on this.  Generally if one of those nails has chipped then it is actually the nail below it which has peeled.  I once tried OPI Maintenance Envy for peeling nails but it didn't work for me, I now stick to Original Envy as a strengthener.  I do swear by nail envy, last week I posted a memory in pictures showing how my nail shape changed.  That very day I went out without anything on my nails, not even Nail Envy and lost a corner of my nail. I filed them all right back but had a rally bad wonky bit on middle finger. Across the week it has either evened up or I have just got used to seeing it!!

I used to use clippers whilst I was changing the shape of my nail to a squarer shape, I found it easier to get them straight across.  Since achieving this shape I haven't been needing to unless some weird growth spurt makes my nails a funny shape!  Generally I keep my nails in shape by filing once a week, although I do have a mug kept on the coffee table with cuticle oils, creams, nippers, pushers and a file and will occasionally grab that file and drive hubby mad see sawing (oooooooh a sin.......) at my nails.  As for files, I once had a couple of glass files but I hated them, I don't even know where they are.  I use a pack I grabbed in Asda most of the time, as this is what is in my desk drawer: I must look like a steretypical image of a receptionist in a film as I sit at my desk, talking on the phone whilst filing my nails!  My favourite file is an OPI "one use" file which I have been using since August and doesn't leave the house!  It came as a freebie when you bought a number of polishes from nailpolishdirect, I recently got two more of these with orders from them.

In October of 2012 I started to keep cuticle oil at work along with my normal handcream.  I suffer with eczema and the skin on my fingers was awful at the time, I thought the extra moisture would be helpful.    My job is sitting at a desk so I have found it really easy to incorporate regular daily use of the oil (until then I only used Avoplex before I went to bed) so now some five months along the line I am starting to feel the benefit of the oil as my cuticles seem less likely to get ragged and I'm less likely to pick at them, also the peeling on my nail tips is much better.   As a serial cuticle picker I'm getting better, I think rubbing in oil is a distraction!  I had to have a strong word with myself about picking at my cuticles, as this in turn would lead to me peeling my polish off and of course picking polish didn't help my peely nails.

I recently saw a number of bloggers taking a 3 day oil challenge, I don't think I could go three days with bare nails, but if for any reason my nail polish is off and I'm not about to paint my nails then I do tend to rub oil into them.

My maintenance of cuticles involves once or twice a week applying a good helping of Poshe cuticle care cream, leave it for 5-10 minutes then push back.  I do have cuticle nippers and will sometimes cut any stray edges on my cuticles, only because if I didn't cut that edge I may go mad picking it and picking it will be worse for the area the a quick cut.  I don't cut all round the fingers though.

Phew I think I've said enough about nails and cuticles for now!  Medal for anyone reading this far!


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