Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shiny and Matte tape mani

I was browsing e-Bay in January for nail related goodies and came across some tape guides.  I got three sheets of 110 guides per sheet for £2.20 including postage (they are £1.10 each and on a three for two offer.)  I got them from this seller.  I went for a zig zag, a wavy and deep curved v shape.  I was very impressed with the seller, I ordered these on a Thursday and they arrived the next day.

For this mani I tried them out using China Glaze Electric Beat (my favourite blue cream!) and Stone Cold, the matte finish gun metal grey which came for the CG Hunger Games collection.

I applied my normal base and one coat of Electric Beat, added a layer of Seche and left it to dry.  About 20mins on I used the wavy guide to create this mani.  My left hand I used the shape vertically on my nail.  As the guides are quite long and my nails are very stubby at the moment, I was able to use on guide twice by turning it around to do the next nail.  

The guides are verrrrrrry sticky, I found my dried blue polish had ripped off when I pulled the guide off on my first nail.  After this I made sure to stick them to the palm of my hand in order to reduce how sticky they were - yet despite this when I got to my right hand I did the same on my ring finger!  The ring finger then became a matte grey accent nail!

Anyhow on to the pics!

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