Tuesday, 26 February 2013

summer ice cream

This mani was put together using my colour spoons, three colours I may not have thrown together if I hadn't been able to line them up on the spoons.  I used Barry M Turquoise, Kiko Lilac and Color Club Earthy Angel.  I started with Lilac, then freehanded the Turquoise.  I was impressed at how straight I'd gotten it, it was almost perfect as though I'd taped it!  I then added a row of dots over the line using Earthy Angel.

This reminded me of summer and ice cream! 

Unfortunately this was done when my Seche was knackered - and I bashed my little finger, cut my cuticle and got a long thin cut down the finger and I got a chink in my polish.  Grrrrr!


  1. Lovely pastel colours, reminds me of summer too :)

    1. funny how a colour can make you think of a season, I rarely wear dark colours in summer! Actually I think I rarely wear dark colours at all!!!


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