Friday, 15 February 2013

The Post That Never Happened...

Today's post was meant to be a neon gradient with an animal print.  I recently got some of the neon China Glaze Summer Neons in Splish Spash, I'm With The Lifeguard and Sunkissed.

I swatched each colour and I have pictures of each which I'll put below.  I then did a gradient with each of them.  No pictures taken at this point.  Just as I was about to stamp I realised my ring finger felt odd, the whole nail had slid about 3mm from base, kept it's perfect shape but was off the edge (does this make sense?)

I ended up removing the gradient and starting over, but as I was about to go out I used Splish Splash for a whole hand mani.   I noticed this mani got some damage too, think the new bottle of Seche I've just purchased may not be a good one :(

All of these are neons and (as usual) hated by the camera.  None of these pictures were intended to be posted as I was meant to have an amazing gradient.

On each of the pictures below I have a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on the  index and middle fingers, on the ring and little finger it was my normal base.

Sunkissed is highlighter yellow, very bright.  No matter how I tweaked the white balance of the camera this bright yellow would not come true.

This yellow is probably not one I'll wear alone, I may use it for stamping over and within gradients but I found it a bit intense on the four fingers I used for the above pictures.  There was a difference between the white base and the normal base, but nothing too significant.

I'm With The Lifeguard is a bold, bright green.  This is - again - a highlighter type of bright.

I preferred this one one a normal base rather than over white.  This green is a shade I probably would wear alone and is very different to every other green I have!

Splish Splash is a bold bright blue.

When applying Splish Splash there was no real need for a white base.  This has become my new favourite blue, replacing my recent purchase of Kiko 336 as my favourite blue.

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  1. Splish Splash is absolutely beautiful. I don't own a blue like it, and I think I might need to.

    Quite impressed with how bright those neon colours look!


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