Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger: What is your most wanted polish (or polishes)?

British Nail Bloggers

This week the British Nail Blogger question is What is your most wanted polish?

This is quite hard to answer... I would have found this easy a while ago to list lots and lots of polishes I really wanted, but now I have so many polishes in my stash I have become fairly choosy about what I buy.  I have every variation of blue and some dupes.  I have plenty of greens and purples.  Oranges and pinks aren't me, but I have these too.  I recently got into neutral cream finish polishes, but you only need so many of them too.

I just returned from holiday and had been planning hitting the Kiko and Sephora stores in Paris (I had planned a day of sight seeing around the location of a Kiko store in relation to a train station we were using!)  I got there and was so controlled.  I spent fifteen euros and got five polishes from Kiko - two of them were only 50cents!  I got an eye shadow from Sephora.  I'd been like a kid in a sweet shop at the idea, then I got there and realised there was nothing unique.

My most wanted polish at the moment would be something holographic, perhaps with a duochrome element.  If I saw something which had the colour switch of purple to green like Nubar Peacock Feathers but with a strong linear holo, that would be my major lemming but at the moment I honestly can't name a specific polish.


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Black and Mint dotticure

If all went to plan I should be home today and dealing with mountains of washing!  I've scheduled this post just in case!

This post is a simple dotticure I wore earlier in March, using a-england Camelot as my base and Barry M Mint Green as my dotting colour.

Normal base, one  coat of black, dots, then topped with Seche.  Rough cuticles, the changing weather and the below freezing temperatures plus snow have made my hands so dry again!

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunday is Funday!

This is another scheduled post, should be back home late tonight.

I have been wanting to wear China Glaze Sunday Funday again for a while, this is p.- in my opinion - my perfect shade of cerulean blue.  I love this polish!  It is almost perfect in one coat, but I wore two and layered it with W7 Multi-Glitter for extra fun.

Thinking about it this is very similar to a post earlier this week with Sally Hansen Fairy Dust and Barry M Glitter!

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts Tri-Polish Challenge

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

This is the last Tri-Polish challenge this month using coral, green and purple.  This time it's dotty with flowers.  I love this particular combination of the colours which in theory should look hideous together!

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Fairy Teal and Amethyst Glitter / British Bloggers Link Up

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

I paired Sally Hansen Fairy Teal with Barry M Amethyst Glitter and enjoyed wearing this combi, Fairy Teal was one of my "good" SHs in the haul posted earlier this week, however removal of this combi turned out to not be so good, Fairy Teal stained like a bitch.  I had worn three layers of base and still got stained....  But since my nails are always painted it's not such an issue...

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts Tri-Polish Challenge

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

This is the third Tri-Polish challenge using coral, green and purple.

On Instagram I have seen a lot of "earthquake" nails, I wanted to try it, but wasn't sure how this would turn out.  I started of with the green, China Glaze Def Defying, then roughly painted Barry M Gelly in Papaya, then added a stripe of OPI Funky Dunkey between the two.  I took pictures at this point, being certain that I would mess up this technique.

Here's the after pictures.  I used Rimmel Matte top coat.

I prefer the first one!

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Sally Hansen Haul Part Two....

.... the good.  Whilst Part One may have been the horrible, Part Two is the awesome.

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

The other couple of Sally Hansens I picked up were Fairy Teal and Commander in Chic.  Both of these polishes applied well, formula was almost perfect in one coat, although they had two coats.  No problems with brushes or streaking.   Both of these are as they applied, no clean up so I'm quite impressed with the cuticle line.

Fairy Teal is an awesome teal shade, very me.  This polish should really be in the bad collection as it stained my nails despite two layers of base coat and being soaked off with tin foil removal when I wore it as a base for a glitter.

Commander in Chic is my favourite shade of light chocolatey brown, the kind of shade I have recently taken to pairing with brighter colours.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sally Hansen Haul Part One....

... the bad!  Part Two will be the good!

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

I recently ordered some Dainty Doll Foundation from Fragrance Direct: it was an absolute bargain at £1.99, so given it's normal RRP I ordered a few nail polishes to make up the full value!

I ordered some Sally Hansen polishes which are currently floating around in pound shops, I haven't really been in a rush to post these as there are many pictures out there!

The formula of the Sally Hansens was very variable, I ordered five, an instadry and 4 complete salon manicures.  I only own one instadry and hate it.  The new instadry falls into that category: Rose-a-go-go.  Go-go it can... The colour is vile.  I ordered it based on a square on screen thinking it would be a useful pink to own.  It isn't.

Next up is Crinolene. This soft creamy almost white colour is fab, however the brush in my bottle is shocking, the bristles seem to criss cross over each other and the polish went on streaky.  I suspect with the formula that even a nice brush may lead to dragging and streaking anyway.

The final one for this post is Greige Gardens.  On the website and in some lights this colour made me think of dusty lilacs rather than a grey / beige as the name implies.  Then I swatched it and Greige is spot on, somewhere between grey and a beige.  This falls into "the bad" category as application of this was somewhat streaky, although the brush was much better than Crinolene.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013


I'm away on holiday for most of next week, off to Disneyland Paris for a few nights. I have set up some scheduled posts, but possibly won't have internet access whilst over there.

I am going to wear test Layla Marshmallow Twinkle whilst away!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Tri-colour Skittlette

Today's post is a closer look at a manicure I created as part of the MoneySuperMarket Money Smart Nail Art competition.  I created a number of different nails from items totally the price of a salon manicure at the hair and beauty salon I go to (I only ever get my hair done!) and this skittlette featured in the post.

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