Monday, 11 March 2013

An update...

Still not well :(

As I'm still feeling a bit under weather (and used up my "vault" on my posts ready for my holiday) today's post is pimping my social networking!

I have managed to post daily since around Sept 2012 with only a short break over Christmas - even just a wordy post - and have surprised myself with this.  My other "social networking" can sometimes be a bit overlooked, but I'm sharing the links here as a way of kicking myself to use them more!

Twitter is my most neglected form of networking, I rarely use it.  Hubby loves it and he's forever on there, but it doesn't really float my boat.  I can be found on twitter here.  I do occasionally use it if I update my FB status using HTC Sense or if I want to send a quick message to someone specific.

I love Pinterest, although of late I have become lazy and pin mostly just my own nails.  It does push a fair amount of traffic to my blog though.  I love clicking on other pins from this website and seeing that other people have also chosen to pin my nails - Deborah if you're reading this THANK YOU!! for being the no1 pinner (apart from me) of nails.  My Pinterest is here.

I have claimed my blog using BlogLovin, but I honestly don't know how this works, I don't even know my own username!  I do know that I have several followers who read my blog through there, so thanks to those of you who do :)

Facebook is my social network of choice, since joining it in 2007 my time has been soaked up by the sponge which is FB.  My blog has a FB page which can be found here.  I have been a bit lazy about using the page (me, lazy?!  Starting to see a theme?!)  but more recently I  have tried to make an effort to post links to my blog posts on there as a minimum.  My FB page only has a small following so perhaps this is why I forget about it - so everyone who reads this should go and follow it to make me use it more!

My newest and favoured app of choice on my phone is Instagram.  I originally started using it early in 2012, then gave up.  I more recently ventured back on there and it seems so much better - perhaps more people are using it now?  I have found it so easy to share a picture on there from my album of pictures, sometimes I put a sneaky peak on of a mani which I end up not posting on my blog for up to two weeks.  I was sooooo honoured and amazed when I realised Tracie of TraceFacePhiles was following little old me!  She liked one of my pictures and that was when I realised!  #fangirlmoment!!!  My instagram can be found here.  Just don't judge me by some of the old pictures from almost a year ago when my nails were verrrrrry short and I first tried a union jack but didn't have a striping brush, so I used a dotting tool and it looks like I had a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry shaky hand!

So that's all my other places I can be found and thanks again to anyone already reading my blog!  BTW anyone reading this on a feed reader could do me a huuuuuge favour and click through to see if you already follow via GFC, if not click it!  I just realised that I haven't done this for all my feeds when a blog I've been following for ages (since at least Aug 2012) nuthinbutanailthing was having a giveaway and one of the criteria was follow via GFC... guess who wasn't already following (sorry Claire!) so I quickly corrected it!  If you aren't already following Claire click the link above and go follow her, she does some fab tutorials.

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