Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger: Nail Care Routine

British Nail Bloggers

This week the British Nail Blogger question is What is your nailcare routine?

My nail care routine is pretty quick really:

  • Once or twice a week I put Poshe Cuticle Cream on my cuticles and push them back.  

  • I file them once a week (sometimes more if a jagged edge appears.)

  • A million times a day (ok, I exaggerate slightly but it is a lot) I use OPI Avoplex Oil.

  • At the moment my handcream of choice is Nivea Q10, only because it was on offer.

  • I use OPI Nail Envy as a part of my base every time I do my nails - which is partly why PVA glue is something I rarely use as a base.

  • I use whatever nail polish remover is cheapest in the supermarket and isn't acetone free.  

  • I rarely buff my nails unless there's some severe staining - although I did recently buff some stains out and love how smooth they are right now.  I have to remember buffing weakens my nails.

My key rule with my nails is to remember jewels not tools, if I use them as tools I get peely tips on my index finger and thumbs.

I have really enjoyed reading what the other British Nail Bloggers have posted about their nail care routines, you can read these on the links below.

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