Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger: What is your most wanted polish (or polishes)?

British Nail Bloggers

This week the British Nail Blogger question is What is your most wanted polish?

This is quite hard to answer... I would have found this easy a while ago to list lots and lots of polishes I really wanted, but now I have so many polishes in my stash I have become fairly choosy about what I buy.  I have every variation of blue and some dupes.  I have plenty of greens and purples.  Oranges and pinks aren't me, but I have these too.  I recently got into neutral cream finish polishes, but you only need so many of them too.

I just returned from holiday and had been planning hitting the Kiko and Sephora stores in Paris (I had planned a day of sight seeing around the location of a Kiko store in relation to a train station we were using!)  I got there and was so controlled.  I spent fifteen euros and got five polishes from Kiko - two of them were only 50cents!  I got an eye shadow from Sephora.  I'd been like a kid in a sweet shop at the idea, then I got there and realised there was nothing unique.

My most wanted polish at the moment would be something holographic, perhaps with a duochrome element.  If I saw something which had the colour switch of purple to green like Nubar Peacock Feathers but with a strong linear holo, that would be my major lemming but at the moment I honestly can't name a specific polish.


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  1. Great post, when I went to france I didn't buy a single polish!!


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