Friday, 15 March 2013

OPI Can't Find My Czech-book vs a-england Galahad

a-england Galahad has been my favourite tuquoise / teal shade since I laid my hands on it last summer, then along came OPI Can't Find my Czech-book and my love of Galahad was threatened!  Could this new polish from OPI be a dupe?  

Looking at the two polishes in the bottle, CFMC looked slightly lighter than Galahad, but very close, so I decided to do a side by side swatch.

The following are over the matte polish I use as a base, neither have top coat.
OPI on index and middle fingers, a-england on ring and little fingers.

Galahad is definitely darker, no dupes here.  I think Galahad may have a competitor for my favourite teal though.

The OPI is part of a QVC TSV today, I'm tossed up over breaking my no-buy again (3weeks so far!) as it seems to offer decent value: 4 full size polishes, full size nail envy and an avoplex pen. I do fancy and vant to bite my neck. I'd definitely use the envy and avoplex yet I can't justify breaking my no buy to get a second bottle of Czech-book and a meh shade of pink. (Apologies if Suzi's Hungary Again is your favourite pink, I'm not feeling pink at the mo!)

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