Friday, 8 March 2013

Pink Watermarble (messsssssy pics!)

I was so please with how this turned out that I took some immediate pics!  Good thing I did because within an hour I'd got wrinkly nails after trying to do something too soon.  I couldn't be arsed with cleaning up as I was feeling lousy at time I did this (Tues night)

I did a water-marble using Barry M Dragon Fruit and Sally Hansen Crinolene (full pics of Crinolene are scheduled for when I am away in just over 2 weeks time).  I started with two coats of Dragon Fruit on index, middle and ring, two coats of Crinolene on little finger.  My thumbs were my current favourite accent, China Glaze It's a Trap-eze.  I used water from the hot tap which was a little bit too warm as the polish dried a little quickly on the water.  I love the way Crinolene has come out when put over pink.  So much so I'm thinking of trying it again but with a blue instead.

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  1. The water marble design turned out really well :D I haven't dared try this yet!


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