Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sally Hansen Haul Part One....

... the bad!  Part Two will be the good!

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

I recently ordered some Dainty Doll Foundation from Fragrance Direct: it was an absolute bargain at £1.99, so given it's normal RRP I ordered a few nail polishes to make up the full value!

I ordered some Sally Hansen polishes which are currently floating around in pound shops, I haven't really been in a rush to post these as there are many pictures out there!

The formula of the Sally Hansens was very variable, I ordered five, an instadry and 4 complete salon manicures.  I only own one instadry and hate it.  The new instadry falls into that category: Rose-a-go-go.  Go-go it can... The colour is vile.  I ordered it based on a square on screen thinking it would be a useful pink to own.  It isn't.

Next up is Crinolene. This soft creamy almost white colour is fab, however the brush in my bottle is shocking, the bristles seem to criss cross over each other and the polish went on streaky.  I suspect with the formula that even a nice brush may lead to dragging and streaking anyway.

The final one for this post is Greige Gardens.  On the website and in some lights this colour made me think of dusty lilacs rather than a grey / beige as the name implies.  Then I swatched it and Greige is spot on, somewhere between grey and a beige.  This falls into "the bad" category as application of this was somewhat streaky, although the brush was much better than Crinolene.

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  1. I find with Fragrence Direct it's ALWAYS better to google the name and look for swatches done by other nail bloggers because the picture is NEVER accurate to the actual colour of the nail varnish-sometimes it looks worse, sometimes it looks better. Hope you have better luck with the rest!


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