Monday, 25 March 2013

Sally Hansen Haul Part Two....

.... the good.  Whilst Part One may have been the horrible, Part Two is the awesome.

I have scheduled this to post, I'm on holiday at the moment!

The other couple of Sally Hansens I picked up were Fairy Teal and Commander in Chic.  Both of these polishes applied well, formula was almost perfect in one coat, although they had two coats.  No problems with brushes or streaking.   Both of these are as they applied, no clean up so I'm quite impressed with the cuticle line.

Fairy Teal is an awesome teal shade, very me.  This polish should really be in the bad collection as it stained my nails despite two layers of base coat and being soaked off with tin foil removal when I wore it as a base for a glitter.

Commander in Chic is my favourite shade of light chocolatey brown, the kind of shade I have recently taken to pairing with brighter colours.

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  1. I've just ordered Fairy Teal too, I'm so excited for it to get here now I've seen your lovely swatches!
    I've found that the tin foil method actually stains my nails more, I think it's coz the remover seeps into your nails if you leave it on too long and obviously takes the colour with it. I dunno, could be totally wrong, I'm just guessing here!
    Love both of these colours =)


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