Wednesday, 20 March 2013

W7 Suede Nail Mail

I'm going on holiday next week, so project no buy which I failed on in February has become more real this month!  I have had a slight slip up and I'm laying this one squarely at the doorstep of Claire of Nuthin' But A Nail Thing as she posted these very polishes on the day I caved.

A wee while ago I spotted that W7 had got some suede polishes and that they were on Nail Polish Direct.  But I put them to the back of my mind and forgot about them.  Until I saw Claire's swatches (the link above goes straight to her post about them.)  I liked the red, teal and purple.  I have a matte silver and I don't like gold.  As I don't wear much red I didn't get that one.  But I did end up on NPD buying the purple and the teal. Not a bad break in the no buy really at a grand sum of £3.90 with free delivery.

First up is Mauve Suede, a purple shade which is similar to OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, but not a dupe from the pictures I have seen of the OPI online.  I don't have it to make any comparisons.

This purple went on in one coat, I applied it over a base of Rimmel Matte topcoat (I usually layer this over OPI Nail Envy before painting my nails, but as I was only swatching for these pictures I just used the matte polish.)

The next two pictures have W7 Diamond top coat, the shimmer in this is amazing!

I did have a rogue hair in the brush for Mauve Suede, but got this out.  The pictures above have no clean up on them, this is just how it applied.  It went on like butter.  The shade of purple reminds me very much of a-england Lady of the Lake without the holo finish.  I love it, this will be my new go to polish if I'm in a hurry.

The other suede I got was Aqua.  This is two coats as it was a little streaky in places after one.  I also applied this over matte top coat.

Final picture here with topcoat.

This polish has photographed a little too blue, it has a slight green hue about it- as the name says it's aqua.

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