Sunday, 7 April 2013

and now....

The end is near, and so I face the final curtain.... I've had the Sid Vicious version of "My Way" in my head for a few days!

I have recently made "a decision" about my blogging. Here's why:

During March I got sinusitis again and didn't feel well most of the month, when I did finally start feeling better I went to Disneyland Paris and had a week away from the internet. The time when I was ill and not doing my nails a little voice inside me kept saying "but my blog... my blog..... must do my nails" but I took a week out anyway and actually enjoyed it! This was followed on by my week without internet and not doing my nails for 9 days.   And SEVEN very bad breaks to my nails.

Since the end of the 31 day challenge I began to feel personally that I had lost my mojo a bit.  I felt like I was over thinking what I was doing, rather than doing something I enjoy. Each night I would flick back over the last few posts thinking I have done too many posts recently with my dotting tools / blue polishes / swatches / not used this colour much and try to think of other things when really I should have told myself fuck it, I like using blue polishes and dotting tools, if people don't like what I do then they don't have to read it! 

My decision has come to stop blogging for a while, I may start over after a break from it, but I may not. 

I really do like Instagram as a way of sharing (and it's something I can do entirely on my mobile rather than having to get online and edit or write up) so I am going to continue sharing my pictures on there. If anyone would like to continue following my nail journey my Instagram name is Mrs_B_2011 and there is a link on the right to my Instagram page.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my journey along the way and those who regularly commented on my blog.

I will still be following nail blogs, hopefully now I will have more time to comment on other peoples!!

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