Friday, 5 April 2013

Freehand Leopards and Tigers

I wanted something simple with an accent nail... and so this was born.

I started out with my normal base of Nail Envy and a layer of Rimmel Matte top coat.  On top of this I used two coats Beauty UK Slate Grey on all fingers apart from my ring finger which had one coat of a-england Excalibur (one coat is all that is needed.)   The accent nail had dots of Konad Pink Princess Polish and then they leopard was completed with a-england Bridal Veil.

The Beauty UK polish hadn't dried very well and had lots of little bumps in it, so I decided to take Bridal Veil and use it with a medium striping brush to create some tiger stripes.  I topped everything off with Seche.

Bonus pics to prove I do do the left hand too, in this case it's better as I'm right handed so it was easier!


  1. I love this, the accent nail design is great :D x

  2. Great job Emma! I really like how it turned out. Don't mind me over here while I drool over your A England polish. ;)


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