Sunday, 28 April 2013

I decided to try again!

After my last post announcing that I was taking a break I have enjoyed some time away from blogging and even from doing my nails - for someone who has had painted nails every day for years it was quite refreshing.

My husband would joke that the order of priority in our house was nails, the cat, him.  I know it was said as a joke but as the old phrase goes never a truer word spoken than in jest, so after some time away re-evaluating I am back but changed.

My intentions are to return to how I blogged when I started, once or twice a week.  Some of my earlier months I would post up to 15 times a month, more recently it's been 45 times a month!

I will post when I have something which has wowed me, rather than feeling like I have to post daily or get lots and lots of nail polishes so I can post new swatches.

I went to France at the end of March and came back with only five polishes (from Kiko) as I was feeling myself losing interest.  I also came back with seven breaks to my nails plus my cuticles and skin were fucked.  There's no other word for it, my eczema flared up and my hands have been so dry and cracked.

Most of April has been spent with just nail envy on until the last week or so when I've been wearing holos and enjoying some unusual British sunshine.

The new me doesn't care about page views or follower numbers (although it is nice to have you there!) the new me is the old me! LOL!

Here's a couple of pics which I have taken in my break...

First is Layla Softtouch Marshmallow Twinkle after three days wear in France (Mickey Mouse I shake my fist at you, look at the state of my hands and the chipping on the polish not to mention cuticles hanging and the peeled nail on my right index finger...)

Next is after I got back when I filed my nails to stubs, this was trying out the Kiko SugarMat I picked up in France. I haven't tried this since but it didn't last long, I smudged it off getting the light box out to try and take a picture.

The last two are dodgy phone pics taken with no clean up and still very dry skin.


  1. Ooh I like the look of that Layla... The dotticure is super pretty too :)

  2. Marshmallow Twinkle looks super gorgeous. Welcome back :)


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