Saturday, 6 April 2013

My first time using nail polish strips / wraps

I've never tried Nail Polish strips before so when they were going at a pretty cheap price online (I think it was £1.99) I grabbed a pack to try.  Being new to them I went for a polish finish rather than a pattern, Winter Funderland which is a black base with blue and silver glitter.

Being new to this I followed the instructions to the dot.  Here's the results.

So my thoughts on these...

A bit of a faff for the finish, but a definite learning curve and something I'll try again but using a more complex finish or pattern.  Some of the glitters were a bit of a pain when they were on the edge of my nail.   I like the fact they are a mess free application.  I was able to only use half of the packet as the strips are such a good length that my little stumpy nails only need less than half a strip so I cut each one in half.

I did top them (after these pictures) with some Nail Envy as I couldn't not use it.  This did not cause any wrinkling. 

At the moment I am still undecided as to whether or not I like the feel of them on the nail, but then it is the first time I have tried them.


  1. I've managed to nab 2 sets of these from the pound shop/pound land. I've not tried them yet. I have however tried Rebel Nails wraps and they are fab! Easily applied, come in a variety of sizes and long lasting xo

  2. Looks great on you! I have some I keep meaning to try, but I have such awful ridges on my nails and I know some patterns can show the ridges more than others. One day I may be brave enough to try them tho, maybe when it's closer to halloween, since it's the skull & crossbone pattern. :)


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