Friday, 31 May 2013

Born Pretty Velvet Nail review

I was recently sent this item for review by the Born Pretty Store.

Fun Flocking powder in sky blue came as a part of a set with tweezers and a brush to remove excess flock, however they also sell just the powder, which is quite handy if you already have the brush and tweezers.

I have never really tried textured nails (apart from having once worn microbeads and having a couple of leather texture type polishes) I found the idea of the flock fascinating and imagined all kinds of uses for it as part of a manicure.

When the set arrived I found it to be an aqua / pale green rather than a blue.  I found I had a perfect matching base colour in Color Club New Bohemian.  Having read a bit about the technique online, I understood that you basically sprinkle the powder over wet polish, press it down and then brush it off.  This technique really didn't work for me.  When I tried this I ended up with polish and flock together in a lumpy mess on my nails.  What worked best for me was to have a piece of paper on the surface, polish my nail, drop a load of flock on with the tweezers, tap my finger (not the nail) onto the paper so any obvious excessive flock dropped off, then leave it.  Once I'd done all my nails, I lightly pressed with the tweezers, and lightly brushed.  On my first few nails I was doing this straight away.  Any excess went back into the pot and after having done both hands twice and tried some other accents I still have a pot which has barely gone down any.

Any how on to the pictures....

Here are the accents I tried.  Dotting doesn't work as it doesn't leave enough polish to grip the flock, the better options were half a nail (middle finger) and french tip.  The contrasting color is Sally Hansen Commander in Chic.

So my over all opinions... The powder provided will last me forever, I barely used any.  I want to try more options for accent nails.  As someone with OCD (I'm forever hand washing) this didn't last fantastically well on me - about a half day before it started looking rough, but I change my polish daily.  I don't think it would cope very well with cuticle oil.  I loved the colour.  My big however...  I can't touch cotton wool in balls or polystyrene, they are textures which give me goose bumps and make my skin crawl, the texture of this on my nail felt a lot like that to me.  I couldn't put my hand into my pocket without feel nauseous!  This may not be an issue for most people, but certainly put me off.  It wasn't so bad when only used as an accent, so I guess this is how I will use flock / velvet nails in future.

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me this to review, however if you would like to purchase this or something else from their online store you can receive 10% off when you do so by entering this voucher code at the checkout.

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Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA8 Part Three

In my last two posts I've shown Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA8.  I was sent this as a sample to review, all other items in this post were bought by me.

Part three is the checker print.  I tried this two ways, once stamped normally and once stamped onto a freezer bag to make polish "stickers."

Firstly is stamped normally.  I don't stamp very often and this shows in my placement!

I used a base of two coats of Sally Hansen Green Tea, allowed this to dry then stamped over this with Invogue Green Sheen, a polish I picked up specifically as I thought it would be a good stamping polish.  Green Sheen didn't disappoint.  These pictures are without top coat.

Next I tried this same image as polish stickers, I painted some squares of top coat, then China Glaze Fairy Dust onto a freezer bag, once dried I stamped the checker image onto them using a-england Camelot.  I then painted stripes of polishes along the clear area.  Once dried I applied these over a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and topped with W7 Diamond Top Coat.

As I wrote in part one, I really like this stamping plate.  If you do visit their store you can get 10% off using my code shown below.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA8 Review Part Two

I started this review in Part One, as previously mentioned I was recently contacted by the Born Pretty Store and asked to review a stamping plate.  I picked stamping plate QA8 and rather than creating one picture heavy review have broken it down into a couple of shorter posts.

The next image I have tried is the cow print.

First up as a cow hide print, stamping black a-england Camelot over white OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I made a bit of a mess of this and wasn't impressed with my own stamping skills but I loved the effect it has, cow print isn't something I've ever done before, I think I'll definitely try this again.

Next I took an alternative take on the shape, using it to stamp white over a blue background to give a cloudy sky.  Love it!  For this I used Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue for my thumb, index and middle fingers, OPI What's With the Catt-itude on my ring and little fingers.  I topped Cattitude with Sally Hansen Teally Cool (a glitter in a tinted base) and also added this to my thumb.  I stamped on my index and middle fingers with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

 If you do visit their store you can get 10% off using my code shown below.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA8 Review Part One

I was recently contacted by the Born Pretty Store and asked to review a stamping plate.

I picked plate QA8 as I really liked the skull design.  They sent this to me as a sample, the rest of the products within this post were purchased by me.  The links used are just direct links to their site and the products, they are not affiliate links.

I've broken the review into a couple of posts as I didn't want to overload one post with lots of images!

Image from Born Pretty Website.

I had an idea for a skittlette using the skull design, but first of all I tried the stamp on paper using my favourite black, a-england Camelot.  

All of the designs transferred really well, I think the cow print and checker board will also be ones I use regularly as they are fab and give a full stamp.  The leopard and tiger / zebra stripes I'm less likely to use as they are patterns I now like to freehand.  I doubt I'll use the three small designs as I very rarely use these  (because I'm awful at evenly placing them across my nails!)

For my skittlette I used two coats of OPI Nail Envy, I painted two coats of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi and topped this with Poshe topcoat, my usual Seche has run out :(

Then I painted my ring and little fingers with one coat of Nails Inc Noho, for a black leather finish, adding a 2mm silver square stud on these whilst Noho was still wet.  I purchased the square studs from Born Pretty Store earlier this year.  Next I painted my thumb with one coat of Camelot and set to with pale pink glequins, also purchased from Born Pretty Store earlier this year.   After top coating these my pink nails were ready to stamp.  I stamped using the black skull design which left just the skull design showing in pink and topcoated.  After minimal clean up these were done.

born pretty stamping plate qa8

Even hubby liked these!  Next time I use this image I am going to see how it works with a holo underneath. 

My thoughts on the stamping plate:  
  • the size of the full nail image was more than fine for my nails, although this design may be harder to use on longer nails especially if you have to stamp twice and line up the images.  
  • The plates were cut very well and the image transfer is clean and crisp.  
  • The skull design on this plate is very unique, I haven't seen anything like this before, although the other patterns on this plate are ones I probably do have in my bundle monster / cheeky plates. 
  • My first attempts at stamping this design (on my none blogging hand) I missed the edges of my nails so I was left with a pink stripe, this was actually easy to rectify by adding a black stripe down the side, you really have to study my left hand to notice this.   
  • I think the only con with this design is you need a really good stamping polish to get a full image transfer.  
If you want to purchase anything from the Born Pretty store you can use a code they have provided me to get 10% off your purchase.  They offer free shipping, my stamping plate arrived to UK after two weeks, which is pretty good going.

W7 Cosmic Green - Nora Batty's tights.

I haven't worn W7 Cosmic Green for a long time, mainly due to it having always been a bitch to remove.  I figured now I have piCture pOlish Revolution I could give it a go.  I also haven't even swatched China Glaze Westside Warrior satisfactorily as previously I smudged it whilst photographing it.  I love this shade of green, it's a one coater and I thought it would be ideal under Cosmic Green.

Still not photographed to satisfaction, I don't think I'd let Revolution dry long enough.... Still this could be a new polish finish... wrinkles.  I did use two coats of Revolution, I don't think I waited long enough for the second coat.

I added the W7 anyway...  I once heard this polish described as being an easily obtainable, less neon version of Floam for us UK girls.  I don't think I wore this since!  

The wrinkles were still visible to me after applying W7 Cosmic Green, but with a good layer of Kiko Gel top coat the nails felt smooth, and thanks to Revolution the glitter removed easily.

For anyone overseas, the title Nora Batty's tights comes from a BBC comedy series, Last of the Summer Wine about pensioners in Yorkshire, Nora Batty was a character who always had wrinkly stockings.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Jade Holo - Magia

Another holo in the sunshine of the bank holiday weekend!

Jade Magia was one of the polishes I recently bought from Sally Magpies.  I have been looking out for my perfect black holo for some time.

Magia is a strong holo, a holo which is visible in both low and strong lighting.  These pictures were taken in direct sunshine, two coats over a clear base (w7 topcoat was closest so I used it as a base) with no topcoat.

A black holo comparison post will be coming soon.......

Monday, 27 May 2013

Enchanted Polish Across the Universe

I've had this polish over a year, yet apart from a brief comparison post and occasional use to dot with I haven't really worn it or swatched it for my blog, why?  Well when I got it I wasn't overly impressed, wear time wasn't very good (probably due to not working well with my base / top coat) and I still had visible tips even without top coat causing shrinkage.  Given the sunny bank holiday weather I decided to swatch it properly and try and capture the duochrome / holo in the sun.

This is two coats, no base or top coat.

Still not happy at the tip thing....

Color Club Kismet in Sunshine!!!

I love bank holiday weekends, I'd love to have a perma- three day weekend!  Yesterday I wore Color Club Kismet and took advantage of some direct sunlight to get some photos, these have brick as a back drop rather than my light box!

Kismet is such a colour shifter, fundamentally it is pale gold with a silver hue rather than a yellow hue. In some lights it looks slightly green. In the low light of the front room at 9pm last night it almost looked blue, that was the holo stall doing it's magic.

I bought this from Sally Magpie Emporium in my recent haul.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

piCture pOlish Blogger with Revolution

I recently got piCture pOlish Blogger and Revolution and as I couldn't wait to try Revolution I decided to give it a real test and use it as a base for Blogger.

I love this glitter, this pictures below are two coats.  It reminded me a lot of China Glaze It's a Trapeze (without the milky white base) due to the density of glitters.

Now as for Revolution, this didn't work for me.  I scrubbed for 15 mins to remove Blogger, I would have used tin foil, but I didn't have any in the house at the time.  I googled some of the earlier reviews of Revolution and saw they mentioned using two coats - I only used one.  Perhaps this was my downfall.  Next time I'll be using two coats!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Multi Colour Leopard Nail art

This is the reason I love cream finish polishes, they are the best for nail art.  I was asked if these were transfers or nail stickers, always a sign of a mani well done!

This one was bases of Barry M Prickly Pear, Sally Hansen Courtesan, Green Tea, Himalayan Blue and Dorien Gray, for the leopard pattern I dotted with SH Commander in Chic and outlined with Barry M Black Nail Art Pen.