Saturday, 11 May 2013

a-england Skittlette

I haven't worn a skittlette for a while, so when I was inspired to pair a-england Galahad with Merlin a skittlette came to mind.  As Merlin needs several layers to acheive full coverage I also added Excalibur to my polishes and grabbed a Cheeky stamping plate stamp with and the small 2mm round studs I haven't used in a while.  Then I took a little inspiration from Marta at ChitChatNails and created a skittlette.

All items purchased by me.

I only needed one coat of Galahad, then added studs to my ring fingers and topped with Seche.  Then I painted two nails with Excalibur, added a coat of Merlin and topped with Seche.  By the time I'd done the silver nails, Galahad was ready to stamp over, so I stamped with Excalibur then topped the stamping with Poshe.

I love the look of the two studs!

Now before going onto pictures I need some reader input... I cannot decide between white or black backgrounds.  I personally think black looks better, but the pictures don't seem as sharp as against white.  I asked on the Facebook British Bloggers page, black came back popular.  Please leave a comment to tell me which looks better!!


  1. They both look so good! But black does make them stand out more! X

    1. Thanks for commenting and the feedback! Black seems to be the most popular choice. I prefer it when I'm looking at other people's pictures too.

  2. Yes, black definitely for these photos!! Gorgeous mani! xx


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