Wednesday, 22 May 2013

a-england Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince

Recently I spotted some photos of a new a-england collection on Facebook, so straight away I emailed the lovely Adina to request to buy three of the collection.  There are five new polishes in the Byrne-Jones collection, a pink called  Briar Rose, a red called Rose Bower, a deep coppery bronze called Briarwood, a mauve called Sleeping Palace and a charcoal grey called Fated Prince.    Two of the three I wanted were available, but the third - Briarwood - is not available for a few weeks.   I got Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince.

When I opened the envelope I couldn't help thinking Fated Prince was another Bridal Veil, but moving from the room to near the door I could see holos are amazing and really come to life in the sun!  As we had some rare sunshine I literally walked in from work and got them on my nails so I could share these straight away!!

My thumb is Jade Magia polish which I was wearing today.

First up is Fated Prince, the charcoal grey holo.  This colour pulls a lot of gold in from the holo and almost looks green in some lights.  When I had applied this holo then sun decided to hide behind a cloud, so the full  holo glory is not captured here.

Outdoor, Indirect light

Indoors, Direct Sun

Next up is Sleeping Palace, a purple / mauve holo which reminds me a lot of Layla Cloudy Violet.  The holo in this one appears stronger as the sun came back out!

 Outdoors, Direct Sun

Indoors, Indirect Light

Indoors, Direct Sunshine

Both polishes were two coats, no top coat.

They both applied great, no special bases needed, both have lively holo and really come to life in sunshine.  Can't wait to get Briarwood when it is available.  Currently these are available by emailed


  1. I'm so jealous right now! These look GORGEOUS! Darn Royal Mail! :(

  2. I think these are a great alternative so wearing brights in the summer! I love the sparkle, I think I might have to get the Jade Magia though!


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