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Ask a British Nail Blogger

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The current ask a British Nail Blogger question is.... What it the oldest polish in your stash?

Technically speaking, the bottle of polish I have owned the longest is going to be one of two bottles of Nails Inc Victoria currently sitting in my helmer.  I got into Nails Inc back in 2003 and every collection they released at that time had a bottle of Victoria in it.  I went from loving the colour to hating it.  At that time the only real way I had access to buy high end polishes was either to buy them in sets in Boots in Derby, or to buy from QVC who - at that time - did not sell single polishes, only collections.  I must have had five bottles of Victoria when I first got into Nails Inc, one I gave to a friend and two others went when I destashed on eBay.

Having done a quick Google I have found that the polish I thought was the oldest in my collection by production date, isn't!  So Nails Inc Victoria or a mini bottle of Tate which became my other Nails Inc Nemesis is every collection is going to be the longest in the manufacture dates too.  I thought my black label OPI was from 2001 but it turned out to be a mere baby from 2006!

This question was a fab question set by Kerrie from Pish Posh and Polish, it really set me thinking about polishes, it reminded me of being a teenager in the mid 90s when I would save my pocket money for a couple of weeks, planning a visit to Derby.  The town I lived in was only a 25 min drive away, but the bus took an hour!  Plus the bus service was hourly too, so I would plan it our carefully before going.  I knew how much my bus fare was and that the polishes I wanted were 85p each from the market, so after bus fare I could get up to ten polishes.  I'd get off the bus at the bus station, dash across into the market get my ten and if I timed it right I could get the bus straight back and only have been in Derby for 20mins!  I believe they were Stargazer polishes.

Then later on when I started working I became a QVC fiend, ordering from there was so easy.  OPI were amazing!  But QVC only ever seemed to have safe reds pinks and purples so I grew bored.  Now I have a rainbow of polishes, but very few from those early days.  I remember (and cringe) throwing away bottles of polish that I didn't like when I had to start making room for more.  I could have kept those vintage bottles and shown them now on my blog!  I could have sold them on eBay rather than just throwing them away and raised funds to buy more!  I did first try my hand at selling on evilBay back in 2008, it made me a few quid and felt better than throwing polishes in the bin.  At around the same time I got into buying from eBay (before the big flood of fakes came along.) I slowly built up a good rainbow of colours but still didn't really have the blues or teal which I love.

Then along came the infamous destash of 2010...  I hadn't painted my nails for over 6 months after I'd met my then hubby to be and the polishes were packed away in his wardrobe.  I sold 36 bottles on eBay in May 2010 and raised £135 for these.  Some of these were my older OPIs, some were DS OPIs, some were my more favoured Nails Inc polishes.  I was left with about 30 bottles.  

When looking for descriptions of a couple of polishes I came across nail blogs, I hadn't realised they existed, I hadn't realised there were people as into polish as me!  I added some to my RSS feed reader and loved reading them.  Then I started painting my nails again, and ventured into stamping and dotting.  Then I decided to share my pictures online and here we are now where I have 258 colours (and some of those colours I have two or three of) my helmer is lovely and full and I have a blog of my own!! 

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  1. Haha I think think most polish collectors own this one! I do!


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