Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Asking for help.

I normally keep my blog and work entirely separate, I don't mention work on my blog and only a few people at work know I have a blog and about my nail polish addiction, but today I'm putting the two together, for just one post.  My earlier flames and leather post made me think of motorbikes with flame designs painted on them, fast cars and route 66.  Route 66 in turn relates to something from work...  

I work in a call centre, my team leader Denise rides a motorbike and is a big supporter of a number of charities which includes Help for Heroes who help wounded soldiers injured in the current conflicts.  

Denise will be going to America very shortly to ride route 66 as part of a "bike tour for the wounded," she has paid to go over there and to hire a specially adapted Harley Davidson motorbike and she will have a soldier who was injured whilst serving on active duty riding  pillion  with her.  The once in a lifetime opportunity for injured soldiers are paid for through by people like Denise raising sponsorship.

I'm posting this in the hope that some of my generous nail polish buddies and fellow polish addicts will consider going without one bottle of nail polish and donating the amount they may have otherwise spent to sponsor Hannah, Denise's pillion rider.

Hannah was injured in a mortar attack in Iraq and lost her leg as a result.  Her story can be found here on the ride route 66 website.

Denise is going with her husband Eddie who will also have a soldier riding with him.

If anyone would consider donating a small amount they can visit Denise and Eddie's "Just Giving" page by Virgin Money.  Every amount no matter how large or small will help towards this cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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  1. What a great cause! We also ride, well, my hubby more than I (it's hard for me with my disability and not having a specially equipped bike) and he supports many great causes as well. Most bikers are great people, especially when it comes to helping others. I hope they raise a great deal to help with their project! Good luck to them.


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