Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA8 Review Part One

I was recently contacted by the Born Pretty Store and asked to review a stamping plate.

I picked plate QA8 as I really liked the skull design.  They sent this to me as a sample, the rest of the products within this post were purchased by me.  The links used are just direct links to their site and the products, they are not affiliate links.

I've broken the review into a couple of posts as I didn't want to overload one post with lots of images!

Image from Born Pretty Website.

I had an idea for a skittlette using the skull design, but first of all I tried the stamp on paper using my favourite black, a-england Camelot.  

All of the designs transferred really well, I think the cow print and checker board will also be ones I use regularly as they are fab and give a full stamp.  The leopard and tiger / zebra stripes I'm less likely to use as they are patterns I now like to freehand.  I doubt I'll use the three small designs as I very rarely use these  (because I'm awful at evenly placing them across my nails!)

For my skittlette I used two coats of OPI Nail Envy, I painted two coats of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi and topped this with Poshe topcoat, my usual Seche has run out :(

Then I painted my ring and little fingers with one coat of Nails Inc Noho, for a black leather finish, adding a 2mm silver square stud on these whilst Noho was still wet.  I purchased the square studs from Born Pretty Store earlier this year.  Next I painted my thumb with one coat of Camelot and set to with pale pink glequins, also purchased from Born Pretty Store earlier this year.   After top coating these my pink nails were ready to stamp.  I stamped using the black skull design which left just the skull design showing in pink and topcoated.  After minimal clean up these were done.

born pretty stamping plate qa8

Even hubby liked these!  Next time I use this image I am going to see how it works with a holo underneath. 

My thoughts on the stamping plate:  
  • the size of the full nail image was more than fine for my nails, although this design may be harder to use on longer nails especially if you have to stamp twice and line up the images.  
  • The plates were cut very well and the image transfer is clean and crisp.  
  • The skull design on this plate is very unique, I haven't seen anything like this before, although the other patterns on this plate are ones I probably do have in my bundle monster / cheeky plates. 
  • My first attempts at stamping this design (on my none blogging hand) I missed the edges of my nails so I was left with a pink stripe, this was actually easy to rectify by adding a black stripe down the side, you really have to study my left hand to notice this.   
  • I think the only con with this design is you need a really good stamping polish to get a full image transfer.  
If you want to purchase anything from the Born Pretty store you can use a code they have provided me to get 10% off your purchase.  They offer free shipping, my stamping plate arrived to UK after two weeks, which is pretty good going.


  1. This is a great plate - I actually like all the designs, which doesn't happen often!

  2. I am the same Sam, I rarely find a good plate where every design is one I like, but I could easily use every full nail image with this plate


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