Friday, 31 May 2013

Born Pretty Velvet Nail review

I was recently sent this item for review by the Born Pretty Store.

Fun Flocking powder in sky blue came as a part of a set with tweezers and a brush to remove excess flock, however they also sell just the powder, which is quite handy if you already have the brush and tweezers.

I have never really tried textured nails (apart from having once worn microbeads and having a couple of leather texture type polishes) I found the idea of the flock fascinating and imagined all kinds of uses for it as part of a manicure.

When the set arrived I found it to be an aqua / pale green rather than a blue.  I found I had a perfect matching base colour in Color Club New Bohemian.  Having read a bit about the technique online, I understood that you basically sprinkle the powder over wet polish, press it down and then brush it off.  This technique really didn't work for me.  When I tried this I ended up with polish and flock together in a lumpy mess on my nails.  What worked best for me was to have a piece of paper on the surface, polish my nail, drop a load of flock on with the tweezers, tap my finger (not the nail) onto the paper so any obvious excessive flock dropped off, then leave it.  Once I'd done all my nails, I lightly pressed with the tweezers, and lightly brushed.  On my first few nails I was doing this straight away.  Any excess went back into the pot and after having done both hands twice and tried some other accents I still have a pot which has barely gone down any.

Any how on to the pictures....

Here are the accents I tried.  Dotting doesn't work as it doesn't leave enough polish to grip the flock, the better options were half a nail (middle finger) and french tip.  The contrasting color is Sally Hansen Commander in Chic.

So my over all opinions... The powder provided will last me forever, I barely used any.  I want to try more options for accent nails.  As someone with OCD (I'm forever hand washing) this didn't last fantastically well on me - about a half day before it started looking rough, but I change my polish daily.  I don't think it would cope very well with cuticle oil.  I loved the colour.  My big however...  I can't touch cotton wool in balls or polystyrene, they are textures which give me goose bumps and make my skin crawl, the texture of this on my nail felt a lot like that to me.  I couldn't put my hand into my pocket without feel nauseous!  This may not be an issue for most people, but certainly put me off.  It wasn't so bad when only used as an accent, so I guess this is how I will use flock / velvet nails in future.

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me this to review, however if you would like to purchase this or something else from their online store you can receive 10% off when you do so by entering this voucher code at the checkout.

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  1. I like how it looks when it's all over all your nails like in the first few pictures.


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