Saturday, 4 May 2013

Haul Post

I've not really got a massive haul to show here, just some 3 for 2 offer stuff I grabbed in Superdrug today, the Kikos I picked up in France and a surprise box I received in the post a few weeks ago.

First up is Superdrug. 

I've seen the Barry M nail art pens on the blogs of those who were lucky enough to receive them as press samples, then on the keener folks who'd gone and bought them. Today was the first chance I had to pop in anywhere that sells them - and checking the offers online Superdrug was currently the best for Barry M with a 3 for 2 offer.

Like an eejit I was busy looking at the other polishes and forgot to pick up the silver one.  Instead I walked away with the pink, white and black along with Lemon Ice Cream, Spring Green and Cobalt Blue.

The Barry Ms have inspired a mani to be done later today... post to follow once I've done it and I can get pictures edited!

Next up is the Kiko haul from Paris.  I went in for four of the Sugar Mat polishes and a couple of the mirror metallic ones which Lyndsay of Pies Eyes has proved stamp so well.  I kind of forgot what I wanted when I got in there as I was overwhelmed by... everything!  I was busy looking over the cream finish polishes and found myself picking them up and then putting them down - to be fair I had similar polishes already at home in my helmer.

In the end I got 646 Black and 644 Blue and the Gel Look top coat.  Whilst queuing to pay I spotted 325 Khaki and 390 Lime green reduced to 0.50c which with the exchange rate we'd got made them 44p!  The others were equivalent of £4.33.

I haven't tried any of these yet apart from the blue sugar mat, which I wore for all over about ten minutes then smudged it and ended up removing.

Finally is a surprise box which came in the post.  A while ago I posted a Money Smart Nail Art post which has quickly become one of my most viewed posts.  As my entry was one of the first 50, the lovely folks at MoneySupermarket sent me a goody box.  And it certainly was good.  Inside there was two OPI Avojuices, a Ciate Sequinned Manicure set, St Tropez Skin Illuminator, a striping tape and a full size OPI polish from the James Bond Collection: Live and Let Die.  I've used the Avojuices but am yet to try the polishes or the red striping tape.

Here's a closer look at the sequin set...

The sequins are gold, pink and purple.  Here's how the pot of sequins compares to my "glequins" from Born Pretty, I have a set of 12 small pots of glequins, so this pot seems quite hefty.

 Here's an individual sequin side by side, as you can see the glequin is larger.

And finally here's a closer look at the OPI.  I had to put the bottle right under the lamp with the bulb pointing straight down at it and use a second lamp directly aimed at the bottle to try and capture the inner "glow" can't wait to try this on the nail!

So this is pretty much everything I've purchased since my no buy ended after our holiday at the end of March.

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  1. I got this too! Even the box it came in was fab! Such a great consolation prize!


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