Sunday, 19 May 2013

Maybelline Chalk Dust third and final post today! Pic Heavy!

Yes I really am up at 6.54am on a Sunday.... I am trying to convince myself to stay on bed at moment, though part of me wants to get up and peg washing out in the rare sunshine! Sorry to bombard with posts, I really wanted to share the Rimmel and Maybelline polishes, and figured rather than making one long picture heavy post, three would be better!

As I mentioned in my Boots haul post yesterday, I was so surprised to find myself wanting a Maybelline polish.  The last time I wanted to buy Maybelline was some 15 years ago when they first launched in the UK and I was desperate to try the Great Lash Mascara.  They also had a pearlised slightly duochrome pale baby blue nail polish which I bought after ooohing over it for ages.  I also got a petrol type shade.  They were awful and I never bought any more. 

Chalk Dust is part of the Polka Dots Collection, this is the only one which I wanted, I didn't like the colour bases on the others.

First up I tried it over Barry M Spring Green.

Next I tried it over China Glaze Sunday Funday.

Finally over Rimmel Barmy Blue.

I love this glitter!


  1. I love that! I have to get it! x

  2. I adore this Chalk Dust polish! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and have used it a few times. You've picked great colours to go underneath it!

  3. Thanks Laura, I liked it with the green that much that I put it on again after swatching. BIIIIIIIIIIIIG mistake, the green stained my nails, they look day glow yellow in some lights :( even after buffing and whitening toothpaste...


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