Wednesday, 29 May 2013

W7 Cosmic Green - Nora Batty's tights.

I haven't worn W7 Cosmic Green for a long time, mainly due to it having always been a bitch to remove.  I figured now I have piCture pOlish Revolution I could give it a go.  I also haven't even swatched China Glaze Westside Warrior satisfactorily as previously I smudged it whilst photographing it.  I love this shade of green, it's a one coater and I thought it would be ideal under Cosmic Green.

Still not photographed to satisfaction, I don't think I'd let Revolution dry long enough.... Still this could be a new polish finish... wrinkles.  I did use two coats of Revolution, I don't think I waited long enough for the second coat.

I added the W7 anyway...  I once heard this polish described as being an easily obtainable, less neon version of Floam for us UK girls.  I don't think I wore this since!  

The wrinkles were still visible to me after applying W7 Cosmic Green, but with a good layer of Kiko Gel top coat the nails felt smooth, and thanks to Revolution the glitter removed easily.

For anyone overseas, the title Nora Batty's tights comes from a BBC comedy series, Last of the Summer Wine about pensioners in Yorkshire, Nora Batty was a character who always had wrinkly stockings.


  1. Ooops! The wrinkles aren't a good look are they! :(

  2. That's weird! Has it done that before? And it's not bad in the end!

  3. i Denise, I've only ever used revolution once before this, it didn't work very well as I used one coat, this time I used two under my base colour I get wrinkles, I put it on instagram @picturepolish and their reply was to try it over the base colour, directly under glitter, so third time's a charm I guess! Revolution is still a learning curve!


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