Thursday, 13 June 2013

Born Pretty 3D nail stickers review

The next item I was sent from the Born Pretty Store was the 3D Nail stickers in colour #2.  

These retail at $5.99 which is roughly £3.90.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the envelope was the sheer size of the package: it's huge!  The picture below shows them next to a full size OPI bottle.  I have a feeling these will last me a while!  I wondered if they were a big sheet sticker or individual stars, when opening the pack I realised they are individual stars which is great.  There are three sizes, the largest is a bit big for my short nails unless it is used as a single feature on a nail.

My first mani with these was a varied placement of single and grouped stars over Cirque Planet Caravan (full post and swatches of this polish to follow soon.)

As you can see on my little finger I managed to snap the point off one of the stars, this was due to my way of "peeling" them off the sheet.  Having freshly painted nails I was sure to end up with smudges and wrinkles all over my tips if I tried to pick the stickers up, so I started by using tweezers to peel them off.  The texture of the stickers is quite brittle, so some corners were broken by them.  I found a hoof stick worked best.  The directions for use said to top with two coats of top coat.  This smooths the overall feel of the nail and reduces the chance of peeling a star off.

Here's a quick left hand picture, which is a bit blurry.

Next up is when I used them as an accent nail. I used 5 cream polishes and used some french tip guides in a wavy pattern, then topped with similar glitter polishes. I didn't have any pink glitter so my pink nails each got a medium and small sticker!

These stickers are a quick fun way to add an accent or some full on glittery sparkle on your nails, the generous sized pack will last a long time!

The code below offers 10% discount on any purchase from the Born Pretty Store. They have quite a wide range of products too, from phone cases to make up.

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