Sunday, 23 June 2013

Born Pretty Flower stencil and nail wraps

I've got a couple more products here for review sent by the Born Pretty Store.  I'm posting them together as they are both florals.

I'm really loving florals at the moment, I've been dotting flowers and drawing roses on for the last two months so these really fit in with my current favourite nail art.

The first product in this post is Super Soft Easy Application Glitter Nail Art Polish Sticker in pattern KG29.  These come in a pack of 12 for $5.37 which is somewhere in region of £3.50 although a further 10% reduction is available using the discount code in my side bar and at the end of this post.

The nail wraps are quite long, I was able to cut them in half and to do both hands I needed just six of the twelve strips (I ruined one when it stuck on at a funny angle and I tore it trying to straighten it.)

The following pictures were taken after a day of wearing, so there is some tip wear.

I love the quick and instant nature of these.  They go on and provide full coverage, the pattern is bold and bright.  I applied them straight to bare nails then topped with Seche.

I wore these for a day then removed them as I was getting annoyed by the wrinkles I'd created during the application process - this was more me than the wrap to blame, I'm new to using them and hadn't expected them to be quite so sticky!

Removal was simple, I used polish remover to take the Seche off and then peeled the wrap off.  I had some residue left on my nails so I wiped with more polish remover and all traces were gone.  There was no damage to my nails caused by peeling (one reason I've always avoided wraps is worrying that my nails would peel too.)

Onto the other floral.

The next product I was sent to review was a Nail Art Stencil in #3.  These retail at $5.68 for a pack of 10, which is approximately £3.70.  These are a thick tape with a cut out pattern, the tape reminds me of electrical tape in that it's thicker than normal sticky tape, yet not quite as sticky.  Not being as sticky is a good thing as you're less likely to rip your polish off when removing!  I used these over Sally Hansen Black Platinum then filled in the stencil with Layla Cloudy Violet and Nubar Reclaim.  I also dotted a couple of nails using these colours.  I guess you could just use one colour for the flower and stem, but I preferred to have a green stem.

I smudged the nail above when wet so ended up making my ring and middle fingers dotty nails, accenting the flowers on my little and index fingers along with my thumb.

I found the stencils were slightly too large for my nails, which lead to them wanting to lift and meant I wasn't getting as sharper image as possible.  To rectify this I carefully trimmed them so they were no wider than my nail bed and didn't cover my cuticle.  People with longer nails probably won't experience this so much!

I really liked the fact these provide an alternative to stamping, giving a uniform pattern.

 I don't have many texture polishes (just the black leather and two SugarMat Kikos) but I think you probably could get an ace result applying texture polishes with these stencils. I'd also like to try sponging over these.

Born Pretty Store offer free worldwide shipping and have a fantastic array of items, nail art related and otherwise. If you take a look at their store and order anything you can get 10% off with the code below at checkout.

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