Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Born Pretty Full Nail Decal Review

This product was sent to me to be reviewed.  Product links are not affiliate links.

When I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store to review these full nail water decals I was a little dubious, but I gave them a try I have to say I was amazed!

The nail decal retails at $1.99 (but you can get 10% off using my code shown below or in the side bar at checkout) which is roughly about £1.20.  For this you get 12 nail stickers, there are 24 designs to choose from, I opted for A1-20.  (

image below cropped from the product picture on BPS website

On the BPS I thought the design was black with blue and white swirls, however when it arrived it was more brown and teal.  I think they would make a fab accent nail within a full manicure although they go on well as a full manicure.

Application of these was to cut the individual nails required, I just cut the five on the right off the main strip then cut them into individual nails.  Nail by nail I used tweezers to hold the decal still on the card into a pint glass of water (why I use a pint glass for something which only needs a little water I'll never know, but I often use this same plastic pint glass for anything involving water!)  Once the card started to curve - after approx 15 seconds - I removed the decal from the water, the peeled the design off starting at the black end.  The designs peeled easily and I didn't have any of them rip, something which has previously happened when I used water decals.  I applied them using the curved end at my cuticle and positioning from there.   I didn't need to do much more, after a few seconds I could feel the design had adhered.  I roughly trimmed the end then used the small file provided to fill the excess, then topped with W7 Diamond top coat.

As the pictures below show the thumb nail size I selected was slightly too small for my nails, but the next size up would have been too wide.  The rest fitted perfectly without any need to trim.

I also tried these as accent nails within an ombre of pale blue / green shades similar to those within the patter, they were thumb nail of OPI I Vant to be A-Lone Star, middle China Glaze Kinetic Candy and little finger Color Club New Bohemian.  I was disappointed with the OPI polish as it needed three coats and seemed lumpy once on.

All in all I was very impressed with these decals, they are very quick and easy and give a neat polished up look.  The wear time on these is described as up to seven days with top coat, 1-2 without.  I haven't worn these long enough to comment on how well they last, although I imagine that would relate to the top coat you use.  I think they are good value for money.  I have only once used nail wraps before and I found those ones fiddly and difficult to apply as they were thicker polish ones.  These wraps are not so thick and more pliable.  They also surprised me by providing full coverage, I fully expected to need to use a base of a coloured polish.

I certainly think I will be ordering some of these for accent nails, particularly in designs A1-21 through to A1 -24.

Don't forget that the Born Pretty Store offer free postage world wide too and the code below is valid on any purchase you make, not just these wraps!


  1. They look so nice! Brown and blue are favorite colors of mine, and I love the pattern. I am impressed that there are no wrinkles or rips like I get with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips I have used.

    1. I think the reason there are no wrinkles is because they are very thin , they feel much better on than my experience of nail polish strips. I found those SH ones felt very "thick" on my nail. Also because these are wet when applying them, you have a bit more "play" to be able to smooth them.

    2. You should do a comparison post to nail polish strips! :-)

  2. They look brilliant! really love them as accent nails xx

    1. Cheers Char, one thing I didn't add in my main post but think of now you comment was the length. Obvs my nails are not the lobgest, but I think that the length of these would be perfect for longer nails like yours, I could have probably cut the decal in half and shaped the other end to do two nails from one transfer!!


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