Thursday, 13 June 2013

Born Pretty Nail Foil Review

The next item I was sent from the Born Pretty Store was the "Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Roll / Foil" in pattern number 13.  This usually retails at $2.99, however at the time of writing it is $2.29, which is approx £1.50.  Born Pretty Store offer free world wide shipping and I have a code at the end of my post and in my sidebar which will offer a further 10% off any purchases.

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This foil is very similar to something I used to use about ten years ago, so I was quite excited to try it.  The older foils used to need a special glue and a sealant, so the BPS one seemed much more appealing as the instructions were to paint nails so they were "not totally dry, a gentle fingerprint is left on the nails when you press your finger on the nail" before placing the foil on the nail and gently rubbing.

For my first attempt I tried full nail coverage over a base of Wet N Wild Black Creme, with an accent nail of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  The BPS does advise over a dark base is best, and looking at these I have to agree.

Next time I tried it as more of a feature over a black nail.  To be sure I could place the pattern where I wanted it, I actually wore the plain black polish (again WnW Black Creme) for a full day, that way I knew the polish was dry.  The next day I painted more WnW in places where I wanted the foil to take, so I did a full thumb nail, a single stripe on index, attempted a v-gap on middle finger (but squished it when rubbing foil, so it's more a U-gap than a V-gap) a corner on my ring finger and a ruffian little finger.

What really amazed me isn't totally obvious on these pictures, once you apply top coat there is a lot of glitter to the foil!

As my previous experiences of foils used a type of glue I tried the foils out using PVA glue base too, mainly out of curiousity.  I found it didn't work, I got no transfer onto the nail at all.  I also tried the piCture pOlish Revolution base as the water nature of it really reminded me of the old adhesive, using this I got a very slight transfer but nothing like with polish.

The pros and cons of this are one and the same for me: it offers a totally random pattern so every nail is different.  Sometimes I like all my nails to be the same and sometimes I like them different!  I did find it quite hard to get the polish at just the right point of stickiness, which is why my middle finger V-gap got squished, but I think experience of this will come with more use.

The range of foils is great, there are 27 patterns to choose from including an animal print and some holographic metallic foils.


  1. Apparently, using piCture pOlish Revolution as a top coat over foils keeps them smooth, rather than them getting all wrinkly. I haven't tried it as I don't have any foils, but thought I'd pass it on!

    1. I'd heard you could use it as a top coat but couldn't remember what for!this foil only leaves it's colour on the nail so there's no chance of wrinkles, but I imagine it's good with those foil wraps.


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