Sunday, 23 June 2013

Born Pretty Stamping plate review

I have to start this post with two disclaimers: one this was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for me to review, two this post shows just how awful my stamping skills are.  I really should work on this, but I prefer to go for patterns where it's not so obvious when it's not straight instead!

The plate I'm featuring is QA64, which has some great flower designs, some stars, a cross pattern, a circular pattern and some skulls with a warning "absolutely dangerous" on them.

Image from Born Pretty Store (source)

I tried these on paper using Barry M Indigo, not a specialist stamping polish.  I was particularly impressed at the transfer of the words absolutely dangerous and the round pattern as they are both very fine and they stamped perfectly.

So on paper this stamping plate is great, all the images are cut perfectly.  I guess my stamping mojo may have abandoned me when I was trying this plate as my results don't please me...

I smudgeded all the blue middle finger flowers applying topcoat.

On my silver crosses I managed to get 0/5 straight.

This one is also not straight, but that fine writing all stamped perfectly.


This one is my most favourite design, it's not so apparent that there is a "straight" way to stamp. I used an accent star shaped glitter, this is also from Born Pretty Store, but these were purchased by me not sent to review.

My overall impressions of this plate are that it's got some great images and the stamping plate is of very good quality, even if my stamping isn't all that good.  The toxic warning of "absolutely dangerous" is probably the most unique image, I've never seen anything like this.

I'm going to practise my stamping and hopefully next time I use this stamp I'll be posting some much better pictures.

Born Pretty Store sell stamping plates, stampers and special polishes along with other nail polish and none nail polish related items.  They have free worldwide shipping.  I've been impressed with every item I have purchased or been kindly sent for review.  If you want to purchase any items you can get 10% off using my code shown below.

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