Sunday, 30 June 2013

Born Pretty Store Fancy Feather review

Today's post is another review of an item from the Born Pretty Store, their 5 pack of Fancy Feathers in colour number one.  The feathers are available in 12 shades and usually retail at $1.99, however at time of writing this post they are currently retailing at $0.99.   The information on the item description says you may get 5-7 pieces and I actually did get six, one smaller feather and five larger ones.

I have never tried anything with feathers before and have to admit this was my third attempt.  The pictures below show I've still not fully "got" the application technique, but believe me it is certainly better than during my first two attempts.

I read a post by Sammy the Nailasaurus with a "how to" guide a while ago and remembered her instructions, apply base colour, add a fast drying top coat.  Once nails are dry add a slow drying top coat the add two layers of a thicker top coat and allow to dry before filing the excess edges back.  After my first attempts I also made sure I had some nail clippers on hand the cut the excess as close as possible (and had a breath stopping moment when I thought I'd clippered the nail on my ring finger off!)

Onto some pictures, I used a black base this time of Wet N Wild Black creme, I only topcoated the nails with feathers using Kiko Gel Effect top coat.

The feather  on my ring finger kept lifting so it's made my nail look a funny shape in the above pictures, next time I will use a different top coat to stick it down.  The ring finger feather doesn't really stand out on these pictures, but away from the light box it was more visible.  The thumb nail looks messy around the base as I put the feather on the wrong way (who would have thought it could have a top and bottom?) I ended up with overhang on the cuticle area and couldn't cut this off without pulling the whole thing off, but at least the thumb nail shows the colours!

I think that feathers can be a fun accent nail, I really must practise the application.

I've already mentioned that the feathers from the Born Pretty Store come in a range of colours, fundamentally they are the same design as the one above, but you can get alternate "spots" so where mine are green you could get hot pink accent colours.  I had already tried using these over a nude base, but it didn't really work as due to not being familiar with the application I ended up with gaps in the feather and the nude really ruined the look, in hindsight I'm wondering if Barry M Spring Green may have worked as a base colour?  I still have a couple of the feathers left so if I try them again with green and more practise behind me with better results I'll be sure to post an update :)

The Born Pretty Store are an online store who sell a whole range of products from holographic or thermal polishes which are very popular at moment, as well as nail accessories, phone accessories and even fashion accessories.  They offer free world wide shipping and using my code below you can get a further 10% discount.

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