Friday, 14 June 2013

Cirque Planet Caravan

This polish is my first Cirque, purchased by me from Sally Magpie store just prior to them Cirque range going on sale and now appears no longer to be in stock.  Planet Caravan is from the Objet D'Art collection.  

The first thing that struck home with me was the name, I ended up on Google trying to find out who recorded the track Planet Caravan as I thought it was either Pantera or Black Sabbath.  It turned out that whilst Pantera were the first band I liked who had recorded it, it was a Black Sabbath cover so I was right in both cases!

This polish really did appeal to the metalhead in me, it is amazing.  The polish goes on almost perfect in one coat, the polish is a purple to orange glitter fleck in a blackened base. It has a semi matte perfectly smooth satin finish and, personally, I prefer it without topcoat to enjoy the satiny finish.

The swatches below are two coats over nail envy, no top coat. 

This polish is a fantastic hard wearing polish, I wore it for over 24hrs with no visible tip wear.


  1. This polish seems perfectly "you" to me, like it should be one of your signature colors. Your nails and hands and photos and the polish all look great!

  2. Love this polish, I really want it. Love the name too!

  3. Planet Caravan is my fav Black Sabbath song ever!!!!!!!!!


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