Friday, 28 June 2013

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI / Color Club Kismet Stamping

I've had Dutch Ya Just Love OPI a while and not swatched or worn it until this post.  I seem to have worn a lot of purple recently!

DYJLOPI is a purple with orange shimmer, I think I've caught the shimmer pretty well below.  The pictures show two coats over Nail Envy, without top coat.  There is some bubbling on the polish which I think was down to my hurried application.

I fancied practising my stamping and these seemed a good base.

After taking pictures the polish was dry enough to stamp over, but I added some Seche and left it an additional 20 mins before stamping.  I was glad I did as the cat knocked me not once but twice and I ended up having to clean off the stamping and start over, if I hadn't used Seche I'd have had to start painting again.

After stamping I added some additional Seche and all uneveness was gone, the holo really came to life!

The stamping plate I used was a mega plate with about thirty images, it was called plate A, I believe it's a plate made by cheeky which I purchased from Amazon about a two and half years ago.

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  1. This looks brilliant!! I must try stamping with my color clubs x


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