Sunday, 23 June 2013

Essence Miss Universe

OMG I love this polish!!!   I am going to start gathering Essence polishes from Sally Magpies as the few I have are AMAZING!

Colour & Go are £2.75 each on the Sally Magpie store, postage is free for orders over £20: that's quite a few polishes for free postage and of course I'd sooner order lots of polish and not pay postage than just a few and pay for postage!

Miss Universe is a teal micro glitter in a blackened base.  One coat is almost perfect, two coats is spot on.  There is a slight purple duochrome visible in the bottle but it doesn't transfer onto the nail so well.

For some reason all my pictures of this turned out blurry.


  1. I love teal polishes :) This looks awesome, definitely going to have a look!

  2. Very pretty. I like this type of complex color on you as much if not more than the vampy purples.


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