Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rainbow of Dotted Flowers

I used so many polishes in this post!  I think I labelled them all up so check the bottom of the post for polish names!  I've cracked open my new bottle of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls!

I was actually quite disappointed with this - but looking at the pictures now I can't see why! I quite like the pictures here!


  1. I can't see why you were disappointed - it's very pretty, dead neat and sharp and the colours work!

    1. Thanks, I think when was gathering a box of polishes up (there were 12 colours, my white base, my top coat, my nail envy) I was imagining something different. Now I look at the pictures and think it's ok, but when I'd done this I wore it for about an hour then cleaned it off as I didn't like it! I think this was the "before" where Cirque Planet Caravan came after.

  2. It's beautiful! The way the picture lines up the flowers gives an ombré/rainbow look to the flower colors, almost like vertical stripes of flowers. Love it!

  3. So adorable!! you should be proud of them! <33

  4. this is so cute, I love this - such happy nails! I do my nails sometimes, don't like it, take a pic anyway and remove the art and it always looks better in the photos and wish had left the polish on. Maybe we are our own worst critics!


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