Saturday, 8 June 2013

Recent Purchases

No nails today, just a post showing some of my recent purchases.

The first three Sally Hansens were from Xtras online, l-r Anemone of Mine, Thinking of Blue, Calypso Blue.

The next Sally Hansens and OPIs were from FragranceDirect, l-r Gray by Gray, Temptation, Lavender Cloud.

Below l-r OPI I Have a Herring Problem, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI and Barre My Soul. 

The OPI and SHs are same base colours just different finishes!

Then today I popped into a local shop which is a glorified market stall and picked up the following, Wet n Wild Black Creme for 99p, this is a one coater which I bought mainly for stamping, Sally Hansen Black Platinum, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper for £1.99 and a brand I've never heard of called Saffron, the polish is called 05 and it was 99p.  I noticed they had some Essie and OPI polishes in there for similar prices to Fragrance Direct and from similar collections, so perhaps I should pop in there more often.

Finally a visit to the local chemist for some acetone, I need to invest in a bigger bottle from the internet, but for now this will do, some acetone for £1.49, I could have picked up a bottle of remover for less but over the last few weeks I've been using a glycerine mix following the "recipe" from Lacquerheads of Oz and this seems to really suit my nails.


  1. I love thw complete salon manicure polishes! Probably my favourite at the moment.

    1. They are my current favourites too!

  2. Wow!I love theses beautiful colors,specialy the Nude one!

  3. You should definitely check out Poundland if you are looking for Sally Hansen, I actually picked up the Black Platinum there for (you guessed it) a pound the other day, such great value! Saying that.. I really want a shop like the one you described, I really want to try some Essie and OPI!!

    1. Hi Alice. My local pound world /land /cheapie shops never ever have SHs, it seems like an urban legend!


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