Saturday, 22 June 2013

W7 Cosmic Blue

Last weekend I ran out of polish remover!  How the hell this happened I will never know.  Anyhow I was forced to use a PVA base so I figured I'd go for full on glitter.

W7 Cosmic Blue is a polish I've avoided using for almost two years, my reasoning is as follows:  Almost two years ago my Grandad passed away after being involved in a car crash, the accident happened just a week after his birthday.  He'd been in hospital, it had looked quite promising as he had improved, but things took a turn for the worse.  To be honest he was 85 and in good health until the accident, he then had a week of ill health. Not a bad way to go if truth be told.  Anyhow this was the polish that I wore on the day of his funeral, I painted my nails the night before thinking of good times and then whenever I felt myself becoming upset on the day I looked at my nails and remembered those good times.  I'd already had two weeks of crying at this point.  So this polish makes me think of my Grandad's funeral (despite me wearing it to remind me of positive things on the day!) and this is why I didn't wear it for so long, but it is full of vibrance and life.  I love it and must wear it more often.  In sunshine it truly comes alive.

The pictures below are blurry, I'm guessing because the glitter is so full on.  This is two coats topped with Seche.  This polish was one of the first W7s I ever bought, I got this, Cosmic Green and Blue Diamonds just over two years ago.

Removal was so easy, the PVA peeled off in full nails, which I rarely find happens.


  1. Sorry about your grandad.

    That's one of the prettiest blue glitter polishes I have ever seen.


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