Monday, 1 July 2013

Barry M Blue Grape / OPI Servin Up Sparkle

I'm a bit late joining the party with the newest Barry M Gellys, I went into Boots at the weekend after hubby broke a toe, he wanted painkillers however the lure of the Barry M stand called me before the pharmacy....  The Boots stand is just starting to be refilled at present so not all of the colours were there. As they were on buy one get one half price I got two Gellys in Blue Grape and Key Lime (I've ordered the rest from Amazon since) as well as the new hot pink summer limited edition and one of the texture polishes: baby blue Atlantic Road, I'm even later to that party!

This blue is the first of the new polishes which I wanted to try, mainly as this type of blue is one of my favourites.  The only similar polish I have is Kiko 336, but now I wish I'd waited for Barry M.  The Kiko is quite thick to apply, yet goes on thin and streaky (how?) Barry M as with many Gellys is almost perfect in one coat, however I applied two for the pictures below as I to ensure there was no streaks visible in the light box.  No top coat for pictures below.

I'm not a big fan of tennis, however I know it's Wimbledon fortnight and this reminded me of a glitter I haven't worn for a while: OPI Servin Up Sparkle so I layered it over this blue.


  1. That blue is GORGEOUS, and these are great photos!

    1. Thanks :) hopefully cracked this new camera (5 months of fiddling with settings!)

    2. What kind of camera is it again?

    3. I am currently using a Fuji camera, we have three in the house all of them Fuji, the main one I use is a 16mp F660 which is a perfect camera for holidays as well as nails - compact, drops easily in pocket and has good auto settings. I also have a Z20 which I don't use often and we have the "big camera" which is an S1500, it is a bridge camera, not quite an SLR type thing. I just used the big camera for a coral polish and quite like it now, but it has to be on a tripod as it is designed for right hand and I take photos using my left hand.


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