Friday, 26 July 2013

kiko 401

I was recently looking for a quick mani and reached for this colour, Kiko 401 holographic.  I wasn't intending to blog about it, but after a day of wearing it I actually removed my polish, redid it, took pictures and wore it another day.

I have always wanted DV8 from the China Glaze holos and think this may be a dupe, unfortunately I don't have them to compare.

These pictures were two coats over my base of SpaRitual Protein Boost, I used Poshe topcoat.  I had no issues with balding or dragging the second time I wore this, on the first day one nail needed three coats.

The holo was shy in the light box, but in the normal lighting of the kitchen it came to life.

Here is a quick comparison of 401 vs Layla Mermaid Spell and Jade Energy, two polishes I imagined were the same but in reality aren't.

And here is one final picture from the last time I wore this polish in Feb, how my nails have come on!  WOW!!!
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  1. Aw I got this polish too and I love it!
    I think it's got the name "peacock green" ^^

    1. That's it! Peacock Green!!! Thanks Sarah! I can't believe it took me 5months to wear and appreciate this one.


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