Wednesday, 3 July 2013

KKCenterHK Review 2.5mm Round glitter and Stamping Plate SPPMB22

I've been sitting on this post for over a fortnight  (hence my nails being longer as these pics were taken before I broke the nail on my index finger.)

I was contacted late in May by the KKCenterHK and asked to review some items.  I agreed and waited for them to send them through.  It took about three and a half weeks for the items they sent to come, they were a stamping plate and some 2.5mm Round Glitters.  

I tried both items more or less straight away as I wanted to post a review as soon as I could, but found both items were not the best of quality.  I contacted the KKCenterHK to ask if I had perhaps received faulty items, but as yet I haven't had any reply.  Given that I found the items of disappointing quality I did decide to go ahead and post this blog post as I would like to know if something was questionable before buying it.

First item up is the glitters.  These seemed thicker than normal "glequins" or nail glitters.  I applied them to my nails and they definitely needed topcoat to try and fix them on my nails, however the moment the top coat was applied the electric blue colour came straight off and smeared across my nails.  The pictures below aren't perfect, but I only took a couple to show the colour bleed.

Next up is the Stamping Plate SPPMB22.  This plate looked pretty interesting on their website.

It has the planet design, the moon and stars, the yin yang designs.

When I used the plate I was very disappointed.  I tried stamping on paper to begin with, the images below show how poor the transfer to paper is.  One of the designs wouldn't even transfer to the stamper.  The transfer to nail is even worse.   I tried using two different stampers and two different polishes just in case for some reason one wasn't working right.  I didn't take any on the nail pictures, but believe me it's worse than on paper.

On the whole I wouldn't recommend either of these products.  Nor would I recommend KKCenterHK based on my experience as their lack of contact when I emailed them, their delay in sending and then the poor quality items just leaves a bad taste.  As a comparison, in the time it took to send these out from the first email to items arriving: I had received an email from BornPrettyStore asking if I would like to review for them.  By the time the KKCHK items came I had received two packages from BPS and already set up the third review (which I posted over a week ago.)  As BPS and KKCHK have similar looking items I'd probably just from BPS  them if I was looking for studs or nail art items.


  1. Thanks for being honest! This is good to know and bad reviews are just as important as good ones.

  2. Thanks for the honest review. I don't stamp, but I'd hate to think of people spending their money on rubbish quality plates and then getting no answer/response, that is terrible. You wouldn't mind if they'd got back to you and sent you another plate/confirmed they just don't work properly, but to not answer your query is very poor.


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