Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SpaRitual Chop off my nails challenge update: 3 weeks on

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It has been three weeks since I cut my nails right back ready for trying out the SpaRitual Protein Boost Strengthener, so it's time for an update on how my nails are progressing.

In case this is the first time you have read about this a brief overview is.... three weeks ago I trimmed my nails right back to absolute nubs and replaced my usual Nail Envy with SpaRitual's Protein Boost.  I have been using Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher alongside this strengthener however over the weekend this the pen has now run dry.  I've used it over the last two and half weeks and loved the smell and results and will definitely be purchasing a replacement (roll on pay day!) although I think I will go for the oil in a bottle with a dropper as well as a pen.  The pen lasted about average for any of these oil pens: no matter what the brand I do use them quite quickly.

If you want to catch up on the progress so far, click the images below for the posts associated.
At launch
After one week
After two weeks

For my "after three weeks" post I have decided not to publish more unpolished photos and gone for some photos when I had polish on instead.  You guys have seen enough of my stained nails recently!!!

I love stripes!  These were a Ciate Pink polish with Barry M Guava and Wet N Wild Black Creme freehanded stripes.

This final picture shows the pink base I used for striping over.

My nails have definitely grown loads! I think they are much straighter and they seem longer as a result.  I love this strengthener and will definitely be sticking with this for the foreseeable future.  A colleague of mine who checks my nails every day thinks they are the longest she has seen them. I think they aren't the longest they have been (yet) but they are the best shape.  The straightness in them is amazing, they have a perfect "C" shape when viewed from the tip and they are lovely and straight, no odd kinks or curling inwards which does sometimes happen at this length.  I'd say that by the end of July they will have reached the lengths I was anticipating it taking until the end of August to get to, which is amazing: a month early!

SpaRitual products are vegan society approved, the cuti-cocktail cuticle oil smells divine and works so well for me, the strengthener is free from toulene, DBP and formaldehyde.  The bottle shape and design of the brush are awesome, I understand that this is because Ferrari designed it, who knew Ferrari did anything other than cars - I would say fast cars but anyone following F1 will realise they aren't that quick at the moment!  The packaging which is eco friendly makes this look very luxurious and I would recommend this as a gift for someone looking to improve their nails based on my own experiences.

The Protein Boost and Cuti-Cocktail were sent to me for reviewing purposes by SpaRitual.  The opinions I have expressed are in no way affected by this.  The products can be purchased from directly.  I only realised yesterday that the postage is free of charge for customers purchasing for themselves, the £7.50 mentioned on the delivery section of the website only applies to trade customers - bonus as I am too tight to pay postage, it leaves me more money to spend on polish :)


  1. Looks like this is working really well, my nails aren't in great condition at the moment so I might have to look into getting a bottle for myself!

    1. I'm loving the results Lyndsay, defo worth a try: strong words coming from a loyal OPI user of 12years.

  2. Congratulations madame!
    I am very happy about your results!
    I just got mine yesterday and now I'm second day into non polished nails : )) I will go for two weeks without polish I think, because my nails are very brittle and dry and the top coat of the natural nail tends to peel off backwards, like it is a hollow nail. They grow very good, so that won't be the thing I am monitoring, but still I hope for best results.
    Have a great day :)

    1. Hi Dimana, hopefully the peeling will improve too, I am prone to peeling on the tip of my thumb and index finger, I haven't had many problems since increasing my moisturising, putting lots of oil on. I have been ok since April.


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