Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SpaRitual Last Tango

Today is part two of a collaberative series of posts with Claire of Kerruticles, Lucie of Lucy's Stash and Claire of Nuthin But a Nail Thing.

Today I have a bright, hot trend coral creme polish "Last Tango" provided to me by SpaRitual for Review.  The following pictures are three coats with no topcoat.

This polish is bang on trend for the summer.  The polish applies well, the SpaRitual brush with it's special rubberized grip is fab and really offers great control although I did manage to flood my cuticles.  Clean up was easy using an angled brush and pure acetone, although be sure to wipe the brush as this type of colour will stain your skin (remember at removal stage to put oil or lotion of sorts on your skin to avoid any staining.) SpaRitual are Vegan society approved using mica for shimmer polishes rather than guanine - fish scales!!!!  The polishes are also 5-free:  no DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor, so no horrible chemicals in here.

I applied this polish in three coats, I needed three to hide my nail line and it was still visible in some places.  My thumb (the shorty which I broke a couple of weeks ago) suited this polish perfectly (no visible nail line) and next time I have nubbins I am definitely going to be wearing this colour, I think it will really suit anyone with shorter, well manicured nails.   The polish was applied over a base of two coats of SpaRitual protein boost, despite a total of five layers on my nails - no top coat used - it was dry in about 20 mins, I know this because I reached into the oven and only when taking off the oven gloves did I remember my nails.  There was no damage at all caused by the oven gloves - result!!!

The odd looking marks on this picture are reflections in my nail, not bumps.

As with yesterday's Delight, I wasn't one to leave this alone: my addition to this polish was a diagonal animal print using black and white polish.  The pictures below were taken after 24hrs wear on Sunday afternoon, for me this is an impressive lasting mani, no peeling or chipping and very little tip wear, I think the light reflection on the tips makes them look more worn than they were.

I do love the shape of the SpaRitual bottle, designed by Ferrari (however the bottle performs much better in my opinion than the race cars are currently doing in this season's F1.)  The bottles are environmentally friendly made using recycled glass and they can be recycled with care.

My camera had a really hard time capturing this amazing colour, my regular camera (the little one on the bendy tripod) struggled and turned this polish orange. The "big camera" on the metal tripod made it look too red.  Photoshopping the pictures made my skin look like I had been dead for a week (not a good look!)

I tried two cameras, with lights, without lights, inside, outside and learnt a lot about the cameras in the making of this post, yet the best pictures were the ones with the camera set on auto!  The picture below shows the polish really well.

SpaRitual apply numerology to their polishes based on product code for Last Tango this is what it means...

Last Tango – 80010 1 + 0 = 1
1 – Independence & Ambition: The Hero 
Positive Traits: Initiator of action, a pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent, drives to attain, individualistic style, executive abilities, extraordinary will and determination, courageous.

This meaning is perfect for me: I got bitten by ants whilst trying to capture the colour outside, that's dedication to the polish, drive to attain, showing willpower and determination.  I even scrapped the first 80 or so pictures after seeing the uploaded and reswatched this the next day!

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we will be using both polishes for nail art and launching a giveaway.... 

SpaRitual polishes are available online here (if you are registered as a normal customer - not for trade - postage is free of charge.) SpaRitual have a range of 72 permanent colours with between 4-6 seasonal collections released each year.  They also have an awesome strengthener Protein Boost which I started to use 4 weeks ago after cutting my nails back to absolute nubbins, over that time they have really grown well!

Products featured were sent for review but this hasn't had any impact on my honest opinion.

Taken from SpaRitual UK Facebook page (source)

Be sure to click on the links below to check out the reviews posted by Claire, Claire and Lucie.


  1. It was certainly a difficult colour to capture. I love your tripod - will have to look out for one of those.

    1. It's a joby gorilla pod, seen them in costco recently, the bendy legs are fab for wrapping around poles, branches or getting photos on uneven ground. I've used it on a railing on a bridge in London to if. a perfect sunset, I'm not normally balance my camera over the Thames....

      and yes the polish was very hard for me to capture, maybe it's my pale skin to blame, making camera over compensate?


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