Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SpaRitual Protein Boost Update: After Four Weeks

Anyone following my blog regularly will have seen my ongoing posts with my updates as to how my nails have progressed since I cut and filed them back four weeks ago and replaced my regular Nail Envy base with the SpaRitual Protein Boost.

Initially I also replaced my Avoplex with SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher.  The Cuti-Cocktail pen ran out fairly quickly (I get through this type of pen dispenser very quickly no matter what the brand because of the convenience of application, I just keep using it!) I loved this oil so much that at the weekend I placed an order for two bottles of the oil which comes with a lovely pointy dropper to apply it.  SpaRitual UK have free delivery and the order completed Sunday afternoon was delivered the following Tuesday (and for a genuine customer experience I placed the order using a personal email address, nothing linked up with my blog so that there could be no special treatment- not that I expect it!!!!)  Comparatively speaking both products retail at similar prices to equivalent OPI products.

The Protein Boost and initial Cuti-Cocktail pen and pusher were provided for me by SpaRitual for purposes of reviewing.

So far my progress has been very good, the first few posts can be found here.
At launch
After one week
After two weeks

After three weeks

Now it is time to unveil after four weeks!  Right at the beginning of this experiment I shared a picture of my nails when the were at their longest at the end of May, well I feel they have passed that length now.  Not only have they passed that length which I wasn't expecting to do until the end of August or early September, they have grown in a lovely shape.  On the May photo my nails flared out at the tips, now they have a lovely "C" curl to them and they are a great straight shape. 

This simple mani was a base of Protein Boost, two coats of SpaRitual Delight, topped in the corners with a-england Merlin and some striping tape.  Really simple.  This beautiful pale green really inspires me to pair it with silver.
During the second week I experienced a couple of breaks, losing the corners off each thumb.  I am still waiting on my thumbs catching up, but I am sure this will happen soon.

My nails are now at a length which I wouldn't normally have them, they are much longer.  I am going to continue leaving them to grow so I can review the strengthener fully, I love the shape they have right now and think I'll see how I go.  I like my shorties for typing, my WPM speed must have dropped as I am not used to using the pads of my fingers!

One of my lovely readers Dimana has been following my progress and invested in the same treatment for her nails, I do hope you are seeing similar pleasing results Dimana: I can't find if you have a blog, but if you do please leave or email me a link :)

Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for the upcoming SpaRitual giveaway, the prize includes Delight, the lovely green featured in this post :)

Taken from SpaRitual UK Facebook page (source)
The Protein Boost and Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher were sent for review by SpaRitual, I am now a total convert to the brand and cannot imagine using any other strengthener.


  1. Awwww so sweet of you to mention me :)
    I am still working with the Protein Boost, but next week I will post my progress ;)
    My blog is

    1. Awesome, off to follow you now :)

    2. Thank you dear! I'll be doing my first mani in 12 days, so blogpost about the Protein Boost coming up tomorrow. I am super excited from the results! :)

  2. Impressive Emma, they're looking lovely

    1. Thank you :) I am now impatiently awaiting my thumb catching up after taking the corner off it with the cheese grater.


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