Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SpaRitual Strengthener Review: after two weeks

Two weeks ago yesterday I cut my nails right back in order to review the Protein Boost strengthener from SpaRitual.  The first post about this review can be found here and progress after the first week can be found here.

As it's been two weeks it's time for a further update....  These pictures were taken last night after a day of being polish free (thanks to Anna from Anna's Polish Addiction having remover in her drawer at work!  If she hadn't saved the day I'd probably have picked my polish off, instead I removed it with acetone free remover and dutifully kept up the cuticle oil application through out the day.)

First up is a picture of the nails which I started picking at yesterday....

These were never intended to feature on my blog as I have previously posted the design in both pink and lime green accents, but as I have a fab SpaRitual polish previously sent to me for review in orange with micro green flecks - it's called Kindness -  I couldn't resist wearing my most favourite of manis again.

Now if you take a good look at the picture above you'll see my thumb has lost a corner.  In fact both my thumbs have, my left hand mirrors my right hand, at the weekend the left hand thumb corner broke after doing the food shopping and yesterday the right thumb went although I think it was caused by Nail Vs Cheese Grater in washing up bowl on Monday evening which caused the break and I only noticed the damage the next day.  I remember catching it, checking it quickly and thinking it was just the polish which had been chipped, but then I found a tear this morning....

The breaks are nail which will have taken approx 3 months to grow from base to tip so just now I'll probably be prime candidate for breaks (which was part of reason I decided to chop them back and start afresh) as 3 months ago in April I had just returned from holiday and had a blogging break in which I was lazy about moisturising, didn't wear anything on my nails for a fortnight (not even strengthener) and had very bad eczema on my left hand as my hands were very, very dry.  

I don't think that the breaks are anything to do with the change from Nail Envy to Protein Boost, I think if I had caught my nail on a cheese grater after being submersed in water it would break no matter what I had on them, unless I had some kind of acrylic layer to protect them.

Now onto the growth....

day one

after one week

after two weeks

I think my nail beds seem longer!  I had to file my nails slightly this week to reshape the sqareness back into them, so some growth will have been lost there.

I'm still really impressed with this strengthener. Couple more comparison pics...

after one week

after two weeks

after one week

after two weeks

I think these last two pictures taken from the side show there has been a change over the last week, my white tips may look the same, but the overall length is definitely longer, which is why I think my nail beds are longer.

The Cuti-Cocktail Pen and Pusher is still only needed maybe three times a day, however yesterday as I had nothing on my nails I kept applying it directly to my nails, then rubbing it into the nail and any excess onto my cuticles.  I did this in order to avoid breaking any other nails before I got home as I had nothing at all on them, not even strengthener, this is the time when normally I break a nail doing something normal like opening a door as they are at their most vulnerable.  They made it all through the day though, so it must have helped.  Looking at the pictures from last week to this week there is a big difference in the way my nail looks, they don't look as ridged or dry.  Maybe that's just good luck with the lighting?

Given how bad I was in April I am going to monitor the situation and if I keep losing corners I may have to go back to basics starting by taking a polish free day a week on which I just keep putting on oils and hand cream, or possibly have a week off polish: unpainted nails and just use the strengthener alone, two coats on first day then additional coat every other day.

Check back next week for further updates! 

SpaRitual polishes, nail treatments and other vegan society approved products for hand, body and footcare can be purchased directly from their UK website here.

The nail strengthener, cuticle oil and the polish shown in the manicure above were all sent to me by to review.  The opinions within the post are not affected by this.


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  1. Your review and challenge is much appreciated!
    I'm waiting on my set of Protein Boost and I will have a week or two polish free, because my nails are in very very bad shape.
    Your post just got my hopes high again : )

    1. Good idea, just use this for a couple of weeks every other day then after a week start over, just be sure to moisturise lots too! I hope the set works for you :D

  2. They're looking great Emma :) x

    1. Thanks, some way to grow until they're as long as yours though :D I don't think I could cope with nails that long as they are today is my ideal length although I have them slightly longer for blogging


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